Vancouver International College

VIC is a rapidly growing and dynamic multicultural school, combining Canadian educational values with Mexican culture.

An Education Completely in English.

The education of English at an early age is the most efficient method. Vancouver International College offers Kinder and Primary programs 100% in English.

Vancouver International College is based on the Canadian style of education. Our "English Only" policy allows the children to acquire fluency in English quickly. VIC only uses Teachers whose native language is the English in order to provide the highest academic standards. Our teachers have formal training in early childhood education and are familiar with the newest and most successful teaching methods.

The VIC staff reinforce all academic, personal aspects of the development of each child, offering a complete Canadian program, with ethics and discipline.

Our belief is that the best method of education is one that establishes respect, justice, security and fun.


Customized atmosphere.

With an average of 12 children by class, VIC ensures customized attention to each student. The administrative personnel are available to teachers, sstudents and parents of family to reinforce and support a positive atmosphere. In addition, students who need extra academic help can ask for private classes or can be included in our "A.S.P" (After School Program). Vancouver International College provides a daily lunch for each student and organizes academic excursions throughout the year.

Community strength and academic vision.

Our academic vision focuses children on working together in respect, and encourages responsibility in all aspects of their life.

VIC believes that cooperation between sstudents, teachers and parents is the best path to guiding an appropriate direction for the child, so that they become responsible for their own learning and behavior

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Main Tels.: (33) 3615 7074 / 3615 7075